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RE:VOLUTION - Minori Rima by StarAngel280 RE:VOLUTION - Minori Rima by StarAngel280


Hey baby! Show me what ya got!”

[N]ame: Rima Minori ( 美法 • 李舞 )*
November 15th (Scorpio)
5'4" || 162cm
117lbs || 53kg

[J]apanese VA: Ryoko Shintani -
[E]nglish VA:
Jamie Marchi -
[S]inging Voice:
LiSA -…

[D]istrict: Kyuujuuminku
[E]ducation/Job: Narashino High (2nd Year) || [Part-Time] Dance Instructor*

[T]eam: [ Currently N/A ]
[T]ag Tattoo Location: [ Currently N/A ]

[A]llMate: Nene (ねね) || Female || Arctic Fox Model

[J]apanese VA: Mai Nakahara -
[E]nglish VA:

“It is quite the pleasure to be in your presence.”

Unlike her owner’s rowdy and unlady like behavior, Nene is programmed as a polite and sophisticated AI, to which Rima openly teases her as old fashioned and a personification of an idealized Japanese woman. Despite Nene’s seemingly perfect personality, she constantly scolds Rima’s actions and will be seen to bicker with her over the smallest things. But overall, Nene cares for her owner and only hopes or the best in her future, acting as a occasional guide at Rima’s side. Though Nene may appear to be polite and kind, she hides her meaner and cruel side underneath her facade. There are times where Nene acts mischievously to ease her own boredom, however, she is capable of teasing her owner and others, human and allmate alike. She has a very dark sense of humor and will occasionally toss a few harmless threats/curses and insults if shes in the mood.

I hope you sleep well tonight, you might wake up with a thousand needles in your eyes.


"I dare ya to try and keep up with me!"

Rowdy || Naturally loud and disorderly, Rima is often one trouble maker found causing harmless mischief or some sort of disruption in class. Because of her rowdy behavior, she is also most likely to pester and harass others if they seem boring, or could be doing so out of pure boredom just to annoy whomever. This behavior comes off as very obnoxious to many and generally people don't like her for it. It also seems that her behavior causes her a lot of trouble in school.

Energetic || Rima’s energy knows no boundaries as she is always up and about whether moving or dancing. Her energy is par to her cheerful and friendliness, making her friendly but a bit annoying.

|| Despite having school work, chores, and other responsibilities especially at the point in life where Rima draws closer to the stressful college entrance exams, she lives her life with ease.  Despite how stressful her high school life is supposed to be and the detentions she gets, Rima doesn’t seemed to be very worried at all.

Free Spirited
|| Due to her terrible behavior and mannerism, Rima’s personality can often be frowned upon in general Japanese society. But Rima never seems to care much about what people thinks about her, she believes it's better to be who you are than to be ashamed of it.

Fun Loving || While hating any involvement with work,  Rima enjoys immersing herself in all sorts of fun activities. She constantly seeks the fun out of everything, even down to the simplest of house chores and having fun is the biggest source of her energy and happiness. 

Confident || Being a skilled dancer, Rima is quite confident in her abilities and lacks doubt in them. Even if there are times where some skills aren't just as good,  she likes to believe in her capabilities and herself  as much as possible.

Scatterbrained || Because Rima’s mind is constantly on the idea of having fun, she has a bit of trouble focusing, spacing out, and occasionally be forgetful of what she may be or needs to do.

Lazy || If it's homework or chores, anything that relates to lacking fun, Rima will avoid as much as possible and put it off until the very last minute. Oddly she somehow manages to get them done. aka pulling an all nighter, etc.

Blunt || Having grown up in a male dominant household, Rima has never been one to really sugar coat her opinions or thoughts. Most of the time, the young teen is unaware of how harmful her words may be to the people around her. She simply speaks her mind without filter.

Good Hearted || Even though Rima may be a troublemaker, she does have a good heart underneath. She does not tolerate actions such as theft or bullying and has a good sense of right and wrong. She often acts against the actions non physically by drawing peoples’ attention to the source of action by causing some sort of ruckus. Even with her very lazy nature, Rima enjoys helping out her elders and shop vendors in marketplaces by running small errands from time to time.

"Either shine or bite the dust, gotta choose one or the other ya know."


(+) Lovin’ it!

+ Rhyme
+ Dancing

+ Arcades

+ Free meals

+ Upbeat music

+ Japanese gangster movies

(-) Oh F*** this!

- Insects
- Boredom
- Detention

- Being nagged at
- Any sort of work that isn't her part time job
- Nicknames like, 'Pipsqueak', ‘Squirt’, ‘Shrimp’, etc.


"C’mon! Lets dance! You never know when it might be the end of the world."

Born to a relatively normal middle class household of 6 in Midorijima, Rima has lived her life in a male dominant home with the absence of her mother who was often too busy with work as a traditional dancer to come home. However while growing up, Rima, despite needing her mother's love did not really complain about her mother's absence, she at least saw her once or twice,  maybe even three times a week if she was lucky.  Even though she grew up with the absence of her mother's presence, Rima has been actually proud of her mother's career. Maybe someday, she could grow up to be great just like her. Though the dream wasn't all that easy as she imagined, she struggled living up to something she could be good at, especially in the shadows of her older brothers. Each of her brothers had something they had accomplished or have done great,  Rima had no astounding accomplishment or talent, she was still too young to have done anything great to par with her brothers. Even if she hadn't done anything as great to show for, the young girl continued living her days happily like normal as any child should.

When her mother finally returned home after days of absence,  the young girl was greeted with the news that her mother had received an offer to work abroad in America for a few years. The news of course upset young Rima of course. If she only saw her mother a few days a week,  how long will she be gone this time?  All she knew that the distance from her mother would grow further apart, and this time Rima just couldn't let go no matter what. It was already hard not being able to see her mother often, but now having to having to part for years worth? Taken notice on Rima’s refusal to part,  her mother took the young child abroad with her over seas to the United States, specifically New York, for the most part of her elementary years up until the beginning of her middle school years.

While in New York, Rima studied in the public schools, adjusting to the foreign culture and took upon herself to learn dance along the way. She learned traditional Japanese dancing under the care of her mother, but the growing child was soon introduced to the other various types of dance performed in the foreign country. She then began learning other forms of dancing, getting herself involved with the dancing world and eventually finding a form that best suited her. When it was time to return back to Japan to prepare for High School, Rima realized that she was the only one packing and found out that her mother would be staying behind for a while longer. Though part of the young girl refuse to leave the woman behind, she talked it over with her mother after some considerations and flew back home. Arriving back home to Midorijima, as her father and brothers welcomed her home, Rima was presented with an AllMate with a small printed letter tucked on the back of its neck accessory.

"Forgive your mother for parting with you again.  I asked your brothers to prepare you a little friend in my stead while we're apart.  That way you don't have to be so lonely anymore.  - Mom"

Having received the AllMate as a gift from her mother, Rima had kept Nene by her side constantly despite their rough start. The young girl could see the part of the AllMate's personality that her mother would choose... but she just knew the nasty side of her AllMate just had to be the doing of her brothers just to mess with her. While the two didn't get along very well, they stuck to each other very close. Nene was the closest thing to company upon returning home, she didn't really have any friends she knew as she entered middle school. People had changed and grew apart over the years Rima was in America. It felt very awkward and it was strange to communicate with everyone then...

After about a month or two of receiving Nene, Rima found out that her AllMate was more than just a talking mechanical companion. Whenever her brothers were all together during dinner, they would always rave about a game called ‘Rhyme’ and how cool or how fun it was. Curious about this ‘Rhyme’ her brothers were talking about, Rima began researching about it online tirelessly that following night. As she come to realize what Rhyme was, she wanted to compete in the battles more than anything, to join this hype, but she was still too young to even compete. Soon enough, the young girl announced that she would join her brothers in the game, but her brothers could only laugh.

“Rhyme is for big kids squirt. Even if you did join, what makes you think you beat any of us?” Her eldest brother snickered.“Shes going to mess up.” her brother, Yukio followed along.

Rima only fumed at her brothers’ words, they were picking on her again. “Nene and I'll whoop all your butts! Just you fat heads wait!”

“Hear that? Sounds like we got a challenge from the little pipsqueak! We look forward to having ‘our’ butts kicked.”

After that night, Rima had been waiting eagerly until her 13th birthday to arrive before she was allowed to play.  When she finally was old enough, Rima joined the Rhyme world and started playing the game. She wanted to beat her brothers more than anything and she grew to love the game, playing it for long periods of time whenever she had the chance to. She suppose she was rather addicted to the game and about winning it too.

"Take the Rhyme world by storm cause it’s ‘bout time to make it rumble!"

|| EXTRAS ||

[ Rima ]

- Owns and rides a skateboard around.
- She has a habit of mixing English phrases in her speech.

- Tends to get in trouble at school more than she can count.
- Has three older brothers, Natsuke, Yukio, and Kazuya--- all who teases Rima.

- Her favorite type of music to listen and dance to is a mix of techno and hip hop.
- Rima is full Japanese, but is fluent in English due to living in America for a while.

- Always fidgeting, whether Rima is standing or sitting, she will always shift around.
- When not working after school, Rima does track and field as part of the school's team.
- Can be bit of an adrenaline junkie, loves exciting and fun activities that gets her blood rushing.

- Rima's father is a martial artist and has taught her and her siblings Judo on the side when they were young.
- Though being a student who often falls asleep in or space out in class, Rima's grades are actually moderately good.

- As much as Rima is embarrassed about people knowing that she can do the traditional japanese dance, she is actually very proud of it.

- Is quite a skilled dancer, can dance to almost a bit of anything, but she excels in traditional japanese dancing, hip hop, breakdancing.
- Is really cheap. Rima likes to try haggling at whenever she can. Food wise... she likes mooching off others. She'll pay them back... eventually.
- Rarely invites or let anyone in her home while her brothers are around. A lot of physical 'conflict' and noisy bickering happens around the house.
- Carries around a black sharpie in case a friend or family member falls asleep near her. It gives her the chance to draw mustaches on peoples’ faces.

- Hardly ever calls anyone by their names not because she doesn't remember- it's just boring. She prefers to call people by characteristic nicknames like Stretch, Gramps, Red, Princess, Chief, etc.

* 美法 • 李舞 ( Minori, Rima ) her name means Beautiful technique, Plum dance.
* Works at a local dance studio in Kyuujuuminku.

[ Nene ]

- Is easily offended.
- Not so secretly a sadist.
- Likes to keep her coat nice and clean.
- Often keeps track of things Rima are likely to forget.
- Detests getting even the smallest speck of dirt on her.
- Despite being a priss, Nene greatly enjoys participating in Rhyme and is just as about competitive as Rima is.
- If Nene snaps, her polite mannerism of talking momentarily shifts into a very rough form of speech (think of how Yakuzas talk).
- Watches over Rima, and will snitch to her brothers about her actions and her location when Rima is ditching chores or school work.

[C]haracter Songs:

- World End Dancehall -…
- Remote Control -…
- One Step -… || (Lyrics) -…


- Chain [Hip Hop Remix] -


- Relationship / Status are to subject to change the more Rima interacts with the person -


Google Docs || Chatroom || Skype (I must know you first)


- Literature Only -

"One two three four... one two three four..." The ginger repeated under her breath, her golden eyes focused on her own reflection mimicking her every movement before her. "You silly girl, shouldn't you take a break by now? You've been at this for the past hour. Ugh, the stench of your disgusting body odor is starting to make my eyes water." The teen's allmate scoffed in the back of the room, grooming her long silky synthetic fur with her paw. "Oh cram it grandma. You're a machine, like you have any sense of smell." Rima retorted, stuffing her hand into her pocket and pulled out a remote. Lifting her arm up into the air, the young dancer paused the energetic music that had been blasting in the room and made her way over to the back where her allmate resided beside her duffel bag. "How dare you, I hope you rot old and alone." Nene threw back, turning her head to the side irritably. "Yeah yeah old and alone. Oh please forgive me for not being perfect or lady like." Rima mocked sarcastically, brushing the back of her hand to the side of the fox's ahead to move her from the duffel bag.

Digging into the bag, Rima pulled out a towel and rubbed the sweat off her face and neck. Tossing the towel around her neck, she then pulled out a tall bottle of water and gulped down a fair amount of the content. "That felt great!~ Nothing like a good work out before my shift starts~" she chimed, setting the bottle back into her bag. As she stretched her arms behind her head, foot steps drew closer to the room and soon the door clicked open. "Excuse me, we're here for the 4:00 lesson." A tall young male mummered, poking his head into the room. "Ah! Come right in!" the teen chimed, hurrying over to the front of the room. Once a group of people settled themselves into the room before the ginger, Rima smiled, "Sup' rookies! Starting today I'll be your dance instructor! Even though I may look like some smug little high schooler thats all talk, this class won't be easy, so don't expect me to sugar coat anythin, got that? You're all in my territory now, so you'll be fine as long as you got some spirit and guts while workin with me!"

*Note: Please take note that when words are in Italics when Rima speaks, it means shes speaking in English. Other note is that she curses, if uncomfortable please let me know before hand.
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